Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack review 2022

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack review 2022

Backpacks are one item that has been very popular in recent years in the fashion sector. Backpacks have evolved from being items we used to carry our school books into one of the leading fashion statements you can make, and Louis Vuitton is the best brand to do so with.

Since Louis Vuitton has long been one of the most recognizable brands in fashion, it’s not surprising that they’ve succeeded once more with the LV Palm Springs mini! It’s safe to assume that we had to have our hands on this backpack since it has been seen everywhere for the previous few years.

If you were considering purchasing a Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack mini, this piece will provide a thorough overview so you’ll know exactly what to expect.


Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack review 2022

The Palm Springs Mini gives the backpack a modern makeover, changing a practical essential into a chic city bag. This adorable style, made from Monogram canvas featuring soft leather trim bag gold-tone hardware, is a must-have accessory for active urban travelers. The quilted, neoprene straps can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body in a variety of positions.

To “convert the utilitarian staple into such an on-point city bag,” this bag was initially introduced in 2016. Let’s just say they succeeded admirably in accomplishing that goal because the bag is genuinely one you can use while also using to make a statement.

It was not made only to be beautiful; rather, it was intended to satisfy the owner’s actual needs, which it does.

The Palm Springs backpack mini immediately draws your admiration for its design. To begin with, it is constructed from the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram fabric. In an ocean of other things, just that makes it stand out. Although this backpack is highly constructed and robust, it also feels incredibly comfortable to wear. The bag looks even better and more luxurious thanks to the smooth leather trim that surrounds it all. It also is much like the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather bags.

But if the iconic gold hardware wasn’t present to perfectly bind everything together, it wouldn’t be a typical LV bag, now would it? The polished gold zippers and hooks simply elegantly tie everything together.


How to carry the Palm Springs Backpack is one of the queries we receive the most. We honestly really adore the straps on this bag. It has two removable, adjustable straps so you may carry it on your shoulder, crossbody, or as a backpack. Our preferred carrying method is a crossbody bag. Simply lengthen one strap and cut the other to carry it in this manner.

We adore pairing this purse with more laid-back everyday looks that feature athletic leisure, denim, and Louis Vuitton Sneakers. As shown below, you may also wear it with a sweater dress as well as over-the-knee boots. It is quite adaptable to use with a range of outfits due to the traditional monogram print.

There are several sizes available for the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack, but the tiny is my personal favorite for a few reasons. In addition to being a major plus, the bag is also extremely roomy. We are aware that some of you worry that the bag may not be large enough to be useful for daily use. However, it is actually big enough to store all of your daily necessities and more at 6.7 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches in size. We have started using it in place of the Neverfull tote because we were so pleasantly surprised by how much it truly carries.


If you’ve tried to purchase a brand-new Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini, you’ve certainly seen that both the Louis Vuitton website and retail locations are sold out of the item. We are very happy to announce that this fall, a few brand-new Palm Springs Backpacks will be able to be sold through the website with just a single click from you. This bag is undoubtedly one of those sought-after, difficult-to-find luxury things, which is why we developed the budget buy portal to provide you with access to them. More information on that is available here. To learn about the cost and availability.

You may always check out my recommended pre-owned luxury websites, which we have provided if you’re interested in purchasing a used Palm Springs Backpack. They have the most genuine goods.


Interior odor Creasing on the outside, wear on the handle, straps, and interior, and peeling on the wax edges of the leather trim. Marks inside, scuffs and tarnish on hardware, splitting and tearing on strap base wax edges, and cracking on grip base wax edges.


  • Brown exterior color
  • Black interior color
  • The canvas-coated exterior material
  • Nylon is used inside.
  • Color of Hardware: Gold
  • Attachable Strap as an accessory
  • Location of Store: Online Only


6.7 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches is how big the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack is. That gives it just the right amount of space to hold the whole of your daily necessities plus some extra area for you to add anything else you might find during the day. Even though having extra space initially may not appear to be a huge thing, it actually comes in very handy.

The straps are another aspect of this bag that truly shines out when used! The foam back straps are actually what make the bag, even if you do have a small carry strap on top that you could use to carry the bag about. Because there are so many various ways to wear them, these are completely adjustable! You can initially wear them as-is, behind your back like a typical backpack, but to truly switch things up, you can take out one of the straps, stretch the other, and wear it as a sling bag! Additionally, it can always be worn on one shoulder like a standard backpack.


As you are all aware, we will always take timelessness into account while purchasing a designer handbag. We believe that this bag will remain fashionable for years to come because sporty, informal, and basic dressing are rapidly becoming commonplace in our daily lives. It’s not just a fantastic backpack for everyday use; it also works well for travel. Additionally, the monogram print is timeless.


Despite being out of stock as previously indicated, the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini is still offered for $1,990 on the Louis Vuitton webpage. Current prices for pre-owned models range from $2,400 to $2,900, which truly emphasizes how valuable and worthwhile this bag is. It has more than held its worth and is unquestionably in demand.

You’ll use it more frequently than other backpack styles that could be more appropriate for formal and nighttime parties because the casual backpack style makes it easy to tote. In light of this, we believe it is entirely worth the cost and would purchase it again. I know they will sell out quickly, so make sure to click the link if you’re interested in getting one for yourself.


The little pouch located on the front and the bag’s overall diminutive size are two of its “cons.” We literally have no idea what that bottom container is for and aren’t even sure if we’ll use it at all because it is so tiny. We often carry medium-sized bags, but this is unquestionably a small bag. Having said that, we enjoyed downsizing and discovered the minimalist lifestyle to be more practical. The zippers are the biggest “con”! They are extremely stiff and frequently get stuck in the middle. This makes entering and exiting the luggage difficult and annoying!

Although the SA assured us that they would eventually relax, we still find this to be quite inconvenient. Overall, though, we have loved having this bag, and you may carry it everywhere with you while you are on the run wearing the runaway Sneakers of Louis Vuitton.


Since its release, the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack has become the new “It” bag due to how effortlessly anyone can wear it thanks to its ergonomic design. It may be worn in a variety of ways with both professional and informal attire, as well as anything in between! The best aspect is that you don’t have to purchase this bag brand-new because it withstands heavy wear and tears. On companies like rebag, it’s simple to find this bag in brand-new condition, allowing you to make use of this dependable bag without having to spend full price, making it much more enjoyable to own!

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