Montsouris Louis Vuitton Backpack - REVIEW 2022

Montsouris Louis Vuitton Backpack – REVIEW 2022

Whatever 100% genuine designer bag catches your eye initially, you might find yourself pulled to the Montsouris more than any other. This bag is the ideal balancing act of bright and dark. The lighter brown utilized on the straps and decorations will prevent the bag from appearing too heavy or gloomy, despite the canvas being a rich shade of brown. You will enjoy this one if you adore designer bags but detest the fact that they are only appropriate for fancy or special events. For women who prefer to wear LV sneakers and LV Palm Spring Mini over dresses and heels, this is one of the best professional backpacks available.

MM Montsouris Louis Vuitton Backpack

There are various variations of the Louis Vuitton Monogram 2020 Montsouris PM that you can get online. The first has a chocolate brown background with the traditional LV monogram motif in a delicate gold tone. The foundation of this bag is made of weather-resistant treated canvas. Even when it’s raining outside, you’ll feel comfortable using this bag. Another choice is the Monogram Empreinte variation, which uses leather rather than canvas for its construction. Lighter colors like Turtledove as well as New Creme are options, or you can choose the darker Black bag.

With the Monogram variant, which combines leather and canvas, LV has you covered if you want the best of both worlds. The bag’s straps and pocket flap are made of real leather, even though the bag’s body is made of coated canvas. The flap on this edition is made of black leather instead of the original version’s chocolate brown canvas and gold monogram. It’s possible that dampness damages and leaves stains on leather when you buy leather bags. You may go anywhere with the classic Monogram backpack version without being concerned about protecting your stuff.


The Interior has a faint odor. Moderate darkening, wear, scuffs, watermarks, cracking on opening wax edges, and leather trims, handles, and straps. Interior wear and minor blemishes, as well as hardware scratches.


  • Brown exterior color
  • Red interior color
  • The canvas coated as the exterior material
  • Interior Hardware is made of microfiber and gold.
  • Charms missing from the accessories Dust bag
  • Store Address: Website Only


  • 10″W x 11.5″H x 4″D
  • 3″ handle drop
  • 13-16″ strap drop


In the past two months, we have only realized that the top must be closed. People who are accustomed to using a bag sometimes forget that you need to pull the drawstring tight and close it when you take something out. If you hold it with the top handle in the crook of your arm, you can leave it open. But after a week, you will just become used to it before putting it on your back.

Last summer, when smaller backpacks like LV Palm Spring mini were becoming very popular, we saw this bag. We are still really happy that we purchased the bag even if we believe the trend has subsided because it reminded us of how useful a mid-size, hands-free bag can be.

The MM size has leather straps, as opposed to the bigger GM-size fabric straps. They are still comfortable and, in my opinion, go better with the bag’s aesthetic despite being thinner. The MM is the ideal size for school because it has a larger capacity than my tiny Zara backpack without being as big as a full-sized Kenzo bag. It fits perfectly, as will be clear later on down below.

First of all, when you’re anxiously searching for your pocketbook in the checkout line, the drawstring and buckle clasp may get in the way. The advantage is that since you would obviously feel someone trying to unzip the bag while it was on your back, you don’t have to worry about them stealing your belongings. Additionally, while the pocket on the front is adorable, it only has room for a phone charger or perhaps some lip gloss. It could annoy you the most because it doesn’t fit the Celine membership card, but that’s just how life is.


The Montsouris MM won’t function as a schoolbag if you need to transport a laptop and full-sized notebooks, but it has plenty of space for carrying essentials while traveling. You have plenty of room for a 17-ounce water bottle, a medium-sized agenda, a key holder, a card holder, and a couple pouches in this compartment. We appreciate that this bag readily accommodates any photographer’s large DSLR camera, making it ideal for travel.


Yes! Even if the Neverfull bag could fit more, nothing spills out when you bend down to pick up your infant, assist the toddler with a scooter, etc. From our perspective, the greater range of motion while carrying this backpack outweighs its smaller size. Moms can organize this bag with their children in one of two ways.

Because it fits so many different settings and events, the Montsouris is among the most widely used designer bags. The bag is ideal for spring shopping trips when the sky may open at any moment and winter vacations whenever you want to have fun in the snow because it is made of canvas. When you’re sitting in an airport or on the bus, the magnetic fastening on the front of the backpack makes it easier to keep it closed. The two drawstrings can be used to lock the bag and tighten it. It is simple for you to unlock the bag and locate your belongings thanks to the drawstring and magnetic closure combo.


We originally purchased this bag to wear in the summer, but we’ve discovered that it’s quite adaptable. It looks great with both frilly dresses and capri pants like the ones the models wore for the photos and denim shorts. Having said that, we surprisingly adore this bag in the winter as well! The monogram print may stand forward against your neutral outerwear when you wear it all around Russia in the winter.

Unless you’re extremely fortunate and locate one that’s immaculate, you’ll most likely be purchasing this antique form of the bag because it’s no longer available in stores. However, there are dozens of excellent choices available. We’ll suggest websites like rebag. Since Louis Vuitton canvas is virtually unbreakable, the leather and metal will show the most wear.


Whether this bag is justified at the retail price is one of the main queries in your thoughts. You might even consider skipping it in favor of the Palm Springs bag or a comparable backpack. It allows you to effortlessly carry anything that you often tuck away in a purse while still leaving room for other items, which is why we believe it is worth the price. Although you won’t want to stuff the bag with books, it has enough space for your wallet, keys, cellphone, makeup, and perhaps even a snack in addition to the most recent book you just finished.

You can decide why this is one of the greatest bags to hunt for on our high-end resale site by reading our in-depth analysis and study of the Montsouris PM for 2020. Before discussing the reasons why you should purchase from us, we wanted to highlight some of the additional features that you will appreciate about this backpack. You may wear this Louis Vuitton bag however you choose because it has two adjustable straps. You may wear it as a typical backpack by tying the straps. The bag will drop lower and become a shoulder bag if the straps are loosened.

From about 30 inches to over 32 inches, the straps can be adjusted. A little zippered compartment around the outside of the backpack gives you more storage. Only the Monogram has this pocket; other LV backpacks do not. Your phone can be conveniently tucked into your pocket or used for other useful goods.


The Montsouris’ price is incredible in comparison to the pricey world of designer bags if you’re patient and ready to do some searching. We found this antique version for just around $600, but the modern version costs $1910! We frequently shop at websites like Rebag, although their costs for this model are typically more. We actually advise checking out a few posts on rebag if you’re seeking the greatest deal. They take strict measures to ensure authenticity, but if you want to be certain, you can always send images to a third-party verification agency.


We would purchase this bag ten times over! It is a tried-and-true design that has been in use for decades and achieves the sweet spot of maximal usefulness at a surprisingly reasonable price. Although we wouldn’t advise carrying it in a deluge, it’s still rather robust, and you can always either hire Louis Vuitton to undertake a full leather change or replace the more damaged portions on your own as I did. Check out this backpack if you’ve been looking for one; it might end up being your summer bag!

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